torstai, 28. helmikuu 2019

How does geomembrane prevent ageing

To understand the durability of HDPE geomembranes includes many aspects, including resistance to ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, chemical and biological erosion, hydrolysis effects,mechanical wear and creep property, direct ultraviolet irradiation is the most important factor of polymer aging, and the combination of moisture, temperature and ultraviolet radiation will further promote aging,synthetic materials of geomembranes refer to rock engineering, polymer materials or polymer engineering materials for civil engineering have been widely used in water conservancy, dyke, construction and many other fields for a long time. Qualified geomembrane life can reach 50 years, greatly reducing the construction cost.

In major projects, geomembrane liner are used as a kind of high-quality geotechnical materials, but high-quality geomembranes can not only resist various complex stresses,it can also ensure that it can be used for a long time under a variety of natural factors, and the comprehensive performance will not change, so how to prevent the geomembrane aging? Small make up to say to friends, first of all, geomembrane in the canal impermeability engineering use, as the inherent characteristics of polymer materials, can not be completely eliminated, but can use effective measures to extend its service life.On the one hand, is in the raw materials of geomembrane join aging proof agent, can restrain light, oxygen, and the role of the heat and other external factors on the material, if not add aging proof agent, in the construction process of geomembrane, take corresponding measures to try to shorten the material in the sunlight exposure time, using geotechnical or deep cover, thus preventing the geomembrane ageing.In civil engineering and water conservancy engineering, there are often areas with complex terrain, and harsh geological and environmental construction will bring many influences on the service life of the project. However, geomembranes can not only extend the service life of civil engineering, shorten the construction time, save the raw materials, but also reduce the construction cost.

In recent years, Composite geomembranes are widely used in municipal administration, environmental protection, water conservancy, highway, railway and landfill. different environments play different roles. The geomembranes used in water conservancy projects are mainly the construction of underground water proofing and seepage prevention, which can also improve the anti-seepage effect of irrigation canals.The geomembrane used on the bridge can change the performance of the road, improve the bearing capacity of the road surface and extend the service life of the highway. However, in the process of using the geomembrane, the damage of the geomembrane should be prevented. However, after the geomembrane is installed, its durability is relatively long.

torstai, 28. helmikuu 2019

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